Boony and Beefy Sayings for the Fourth Test – Boxing Day Test (and Match updates)

Merry Christmas to all. A big week has seen few posts last week and also saw the announcement that this will be the second last test match for two of the greatest bowlers of all time, Shane Warne and Glenn McGrath. 

Boony and Beefy had big Christmas and where quite chatty (post to come later on their Christmas) and it will be interesting if there are some sayings saved up for the rest of the summer.

From a cricket point of view, Chris Read replaces Jones in the England side and the Australians are unchanged.

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Day 1

More of the same from Boony and Beefy. They haven’t mentioned the Ashes or Christmas for that matter

MATCH UPDATE: Well its Tea on day 1 and England won the toss and batted and are now 4 – 117. Also Warne picked up his 700th wicket when he Bowled Strauss for 50.

Cook was first to go when he was caught behind by Gilly off the bottom of the bat. Bell was next LBW to Clark, then Collingwood was out (after a life or two) caught by the skipper off Lee. Pietersen was not out 3 and Freddie is not out 13. England probably have been the worst on a difficult pitch but if the rain goes away the pitch should get easier to play. Probably a good toss to lose.

MATCH UPDATE: 7 –  136. Pietersen still in (although should have been out stumped earlier in the day. Gilly made a meal of it. Flintoff went for 13, Caught Warne Bowled Clark. Read was 3 more then Jones made for the entire last test before he hit one to Ponting off of Warne and last man out was the specialist field Mahmood for a duck. He was caught Gilly to McGrath who has the shabby figures of 1 – 25 off 16 overs.

MATCH UPDATE: Day ended with England being bowled out for 159 with Warne picking up 5 wickets. In reply Australia were 2 – 48 with Langer and Lee out to Freddie Flintoff.


Day 2

MATCH UPDATE: 5 – 101. Ponting, Clarke and Mr Cricket all gone. Flintoff got Ponting, Hoggard bowled Hussey (“He loses his poles a lot for such a fine batter” said Kerry O’Keefe)  and Clarke caught behind off Harmy. Game at an interesting point with Symonds and Gilchrist both not in the finest of form, especially against the moving ball (can you say that a man that made the second fastest 100 of all time isn’t in form?). The game is a foot!

MATCH UPDATE: 5 – 111 at Lunch. Hayden fought his way to 52 and Symonds hung on and is 4. Good session for England but they have grind the Aussies into the ground.

MATCH UPDATE: 5 – 172. Hayden moves to 75 and Symonds is on 42. Australia has taken the lead and unless England can get some quick wickets, this could be over tomorrow. The ACB would be looking for the game to get at least to the fourth day as the day is already a sell out (I believe). But you just never know what might happen as cricket is a funny game.

MATCH UPDATE: 5 – 218. Hayden gets his ton (104). Symonds got his 50 (58). The partnership is 134 means that these guys are only about 24 behind England. The Aussies lead by 59 and still have Gilly to come. Maybe today might be the day that he goes with the Fastest ton in History. Maybe I am getting way ahead of myself.

MATCH UPDATE: 5 – 226 at tea. 109 for Hayden and 61 for Symonds. Game is slipping away from England. They have attacked enough.

MATCH UPDATE: 5 – 250. Martin Robuck’s comment “There are more singles out there then a Desperate and Dateless Ball”. Hayden 117, Symonds 76. Lead coming up to 100. This partnership itself has moved past the England total as it reaches 163.

 Boony and Beefy a bit quite for my liking today, although my trouble and strife is swearing at the ones at home as they woke up the babies she is looking after. A warning for everyone it that!

MATCH UPDATE: Symonds reaches his first test 100 in the only way that is fitting, with a 6. He is 102, Hayden 142. Australia reach 300 and apparently Geoffrey Boycott has to eat his hat after saying that Symonds wouldn’t even make 50.

MATCH UPDATE: Hayden finally out for 153. Caught Read bowled Mahmood. What a great innings. Fought hard, had some luck. Could be the last time that Hayden batted at the MCG? Symonds got to his 150. The two good fishing buddies put on 279 and the score is on 363. Great news for the Poms, they have got rid of Hayden. Bad news, that brings in Gilly in a menacing mood. He’s off the mark off the first ball.

Beefy has taken to singing “Swing low sweet Chariot…..”. I think he knows their in trouble!

MATCH UPDATE: Gilly gone (1). Caught Collingwood bowled Mahmood. The man of the moment, Warne in. Could this be his chance to the century that has alluded him in test cricket? Wouldn’t that be fine work by his script writer? Symonds is not out 151 and its 7 for 365. Australia leads by 206. Who would have thought when England got Ponting, Hussey and Clarke in quick measure to have us 5 – 84.

MATCH UPDATE: That’s stumps on day 2. The story of the is Symonds 154 not out. Warne on 4. Australia 7 – 372 with a lead of 213. Great day for the Aussies with Mahmood getting the encouragement award of 2 late wickets. Australia start again in the morning. Will we see Symonds go right after the bowling from the out set?

NEWS BREAK: English tactics leaked!


Day 3

 The contrast between Boony and Beefy could not be more evident with Boony asking for the beers to be in the Fridge and Beefy wanting one warmed up for him.

MATCH UPDATE: Symonds is out. 156 he made. Warne has moved on to 23 and  Clark is yet to score. 8 – 394 and a lead 235. Can Warnie do it? He needs another 77 for a true fairy tail test match.

MATCH UPDATE: Clark gone. Warny running out of partners. Clark got 8. Warne on 38. Mahmood got this caught behind by Read (who has 6 catches in the innings). Harmy got Symonds by the way. Caught Behind.

MATCH UPDATE: Aussies all out for 419. McGrath out for a duck. Warne left not out on 40. He will probably have one last chance for that ton he has wanted. A 260 run lead meaning that the Poms will have to bat through today and into tomorrow just to make the Australian’s to bat again.

Boony and Beefy fairly quiet.

MATCH UPDATE: At lunch, England were 28 without loss. Strauss was 12 and Cook on 15.

Boony and Beefy sausage rolls and English muffins for lunch.

Beefy might have a bit of a hang over as he is looking for a cup of tea.

MATCH UPDATE: Cook gone! Clark the Destroyer Bowled him! 1 – 41 or 1/ -219. Cook 20 and Strauss was 14. Its going to be a long day for the Poms.

MATCH UPDATE: Bell, gone! LBW McGrath for 2. Strauss 18. England have changed the batting order and have sent in Pietersen. Bell an unlucky man to be out LBW. England on 2 – 48 or 2/ -212. From the commentary not the most plumb but it says out in the book. Will they get to day 4?

MATCH UPDATE: Pietersen in, Pietersen out. He made 1 before being bowled by Stuart Clark. Moves him to be the series leading wicket taker. England are 3 – 49 or 3/ -211. England deep in trouble and there is no sign of Warne yet. There is still a chance for them to bat the day but it is slipping fast.

MATCH UPDATE: Another one bites the dust, and another one gone and another one gone, another one bites the dusty. Sorry about that but Collingwood is gawnski! Caught by Langer off the bowling of Lee for 16. Captain Flintoff walks to the crease with the vinegar of a 3 day test hanging over his head ready to rub into the wounds of losing the ashes. 4 – 75 (forget the other thought). Can’t wait to listen to the English Podcasts tonight.

MATCH UPDATE: Strauss out Caught Gilly bowled Lee for 31 first over after tea. 5 – 90. Flintoff on 11. This is getting embarrassing, more so! Read in. Warne needs the rest of the wickets to get 10 for the match.

MATCH UPDATE: Flintoff gawn! 6 – 108. Flintoff out for 25. The only interest now is to see if England can beat their first innings total. As I write, Mahmood gone to a Warne flipper. Clark got Flintoff. This is going to be over soon. 7 – 109. Harmy, Monty and Hoggard to come! This is a white wash! The Aussie love a day off!

MATCH UPDATE: Harmy LBW Warne. Seems Warnie’s script writer is trying to write him into the Man of the Match. Harmy made 4. 2 wickets to go and at least an hour to go and 18 overs. They are now 8 – 128. Read is fighting it out and is on 19. Apparently Warne is on 999 International wickets.

MATCH UPDATE: Monty out. 9 – 146. They still need 13 to beat their first innings score. Monty Caught Clarke and Bowled Lee for 14. Read is not out 21. The end is near.

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