Boony is Back and he has a partner

UPDATE: Video of the New Dolls available here.

  Last year VB and the guys at Accure launched the hugely successful marketing campaign, Boonanza! This Campaign was based around David Boon, the famous and much loved former Aussie Cricket who was almost as well known for his effort in holding the record for the most beers drunk on a flight between London and Sydney (52) as he is for being a wonderful cricketer.

The campaign saw ads air and Boony dolls released that were linked to the coverage of the cricket. You got the dolls generally by buying cartoons of beer and then sending off for them. The dolls then responded via a timer and audio queues in the Channel 9 cricket coverage.

The audio prompting was somewhat problematic as was the timers that seemed to loop and meant there were reports of Boony dolls coming to life well after the cricket had finished. But even with this, the campaign was a huge success with dolls even selling for $200 on eBay.

But the question is who could Accure and VB match the success of last year with the huge Ashes series in the cricket this year in Australia. Well recently on the Carpark (Accures blog) they announced the start of the Boonanza 2 – Battle of the Tashes (i.e. Mustashes) with Boony joined in Doll form by English bad boy, Ian “Beefy” Botham:

Battle of the Tashes The official launch of Boonanza 2 – The Battle of the Tashes started today with the announcement of Boony’s return and the premier of his mate, Ian “Beefy” Botham. Along with the usual commentary team, this year’s Ashes Series and VB One Day matches between the Aussies and the Poms will host special comments from Boony and Beefy in the Battle of the Tashes!

Source: Carpark at Accure » Blog Archive » Boonanza 2 – The Battle of the Tashes

That’s enough information for now. I will add more information in the near future with some of the exciting enhancements they have made to the doll for this series and they are definitely very exciting.




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