$55 Dollar Boony’s Available! Don’t Get Screwed on Ebay

Hi all,

Boony Beefy and Old BoonyI saw a very disturbing thing today. I went over to eBay (the Online Auction site) to see if any Boony and Beefy Dolls had made there way on to the Auction site. Seems they have and not only that, but people are price gouging on them as well! Most where already over the $55 you can buy them for at the Boonanza site and many had buy it now options of well over $100. Not bad work if you can get it!

If you don’t want to buy VB Beer (why won’t you I would ask first), you can still go the Boonanza Website and buy the dolls (and other merchandise) at the Official Boonanza site at http://www.Boonanza.com.au. And while your there, don’t forget to sign up for the Boony Army!

GO Aussies


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