Boony Doll and Beefy Doll sayings for Melbourne Cup day, 2006

Its Melbourne Cup day (Horse Race) and Boony and Beefy have been Chatting away:


    * Hey Got a tip in the Cup
    * get me a vb and one for her majesty
    * Swing low, sweet chariot, coming forward to carry me home
    * That’s gone through him like a late night curry

    * Recon I could have been a Jockey!
    * Boony wants a Beer, Boony wants a Beer, Boony wants a beer
    * Bring back Pharlap, Bring back Pharlap, Bring back Pharlap 
    * Oooh Ahhh Glen McGrath
    * Stop winging ya whacker’s

Interaction between the two

  • Beefy: Your round Boony
    Boony: Your rounder Beefy


I have an audio recording of the Pharlap line and will publish when I can. Don’t forget to check out the Sayings page at the top of the Page to see what else Boony and Beefy are saying!




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