Trescothick going home with serious medical issue. Best of luck Marcus!

 I am one that likes  the friendly banter with the POMs and is happy to have some friendly fun at their expense but on this issue I am totally serious. Marcus Trescothick has gone back to England with a stress related mental illness:

Trescothick arrived back in England last night to general sympathy over his stress-related illness which flared on Monday, day two of the three-day tour game against New South Wales. It was revealed yesterday Trescothick suffered a form of emotional breakdown in the England dressingroom on the final day and had to be consoled by a doctor for two hours. It is believed he was so distressed he locked himself in a toilet.

Source: Blast over Trescothick punt | Herald Sun

Part of the illness is a form of depression (clinical) from what I have heard and read, and as some one that has a close connection with a person that suffers from a mental illness that is in related to depression I know how serious and life changing this illness can be.

I just want to say to Marcus, take care of yourself. Your health really is the most important thing and don’t be afraid to ask for help. I hope that people in the media and fans understand that clinical depression doesn’t have a lot to do with “feeling sad” about an event or a situation. I.E. I thought I heard someone say the rest of the English will be depressed after the Aussie bowlers get after them. This is the wrong look at Depression. The England players will be miserable after we get hold of them (see I told you I am happy to have friendly jives at the POMs) but unless they have a disposition to getting depression (normally a chemical imbalance in the brain), they won’t develop Clinical Depression like Marcus has.

All the Marcus!




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