Beefy is here. I have exclusive audio from his first drinking session with Boony!!!

  Well thanks to the Courier Mail (a Brisbane paper) we know that Beef Botham landed in the country on Monday and he wasted no time catching up with Boony for a beer.

MORE than 400,000 wise-cracking Ian Botham dolls are being let loose this summer on unsuspecting Australians just like the larger-than-life Ashes legend. The England icon celebrates his 51st birthday in Brisbane on day two of the Gabba Test on Friday but was already into the party spirit within hours of flying in on Monday.

Source: Both’s fine figures | The Courier-Mail

I actually have exclusive audio from the meeting, press the play button below to listen.

(if you are reading this by RSS or email (Subscribe for updates here) you might not see the player. If this is the case, click the title of this post to vist the site and listen to the audio).

The cricket starts tomorrow (from when this post is written) and things should really heat up both on the pitch and in the banter between the Boony Dolls and the Beef dolls. I can’t wait!



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