Are your Boony Dolls and Beefy Dolls ready?

ITS DEFINITELY ON! That’s what the ad series said and it is true! The morning of the Boony Beefy and Old Boony23rd of November around 10 o’clock and every thing is in readiness. But is it. Are your Boony and Beefy Dolls ready? Is Boony working? Is Beefy Working? Will Boony talk to Beefy. Do you have a problem with your Boony Doll?

Here is a quick guide to set them up for the days cricket (assuming you have already initialized them):

  1. Check that their both still working. Press their individual buttons and they should say something.
  2. Find a good home for them. Some where you will hear them (they are louder and clearer then last year). Some where the kids won’t get at them, the wife won’t move them (hi honey) and the catch won’t try to eat them.
  3. Make sure they have there infrared ports (oval black section) facing each other and they are no more then 15cm apart (the guide says 15cms)
  4. Test they can talk. Hold down Beefy’s button for three seconds and he should beep once (if it is any more then once, go to the guide or go to the Boonanza FAQ). Next hold down Boony’s Button for 3 seconds and when you let go, they should do the “Aussie Aussie aussie” chant and you will know that they are talking.
  5. At this point they should be set. That just leaves the task of subscribing to the daily updates via email of this site and bookmarking it so you can come back and let me know what Boony, Beefy and Boofy (Boony and Beefy chatting together) say!

Have a great day and Hopefully the Aussie’s kick some Pommy Butt! 😉





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