Boony and Beefy Sayings – First test -Day 1

10:52 – Boony: Hey Beefy, Get me a beer mate the Cricket is about to start
Beefy: Get your own Beer Boony and make mine a VB

(First Observation from Talking with my wife and comments starting to come in. The Dolls aren’t Uniform in what they say!)

Boony: Stop Whining you whackers.

Boony: we’ll have those ashes back thanks

Boony: God save the queen… Cos no-one is going to save these English cricketers

12:55: Beefy: For a small doll, you drink an a lot of cold beer.
           Boony: And the best cold beer is Vic

(Or something to that effect. Any one got a beer for me?)

Seems Boony wanted a Pizza for his lunch today, with Pineapple thanks!


Boony: Hang on, I’ve got me box caught up in me undies!


Boony: Boony wants a beer, Boony wants a beer, Boony wants a beer


Boony: (3:31pm) What’s the Poms’ best stroke… Sunstroke.


Beefy: (3:26pm) Running… its such an overrated thing.
Boony: That’s one thing we do agree on Beefy.

(Big thanks to all the guys/girls that are posting there Boony/Beefy sayings! Your worth your weight in Gold. Let me know if there is anything from my end that could make this easier/Better/more fun/more useful! I have recordings of some of the sayings that my dolls have said and with a lot of luck, might get some of them up tonight!)

Boony: “Got any sausage rolls?”
Beefy: “Got any English muffins?”


Boony: Pies and cold beers, please

Boony: Hey Beefy, throw me a VB.
Beefy: Nah, you’d only drop it.


Boony: Fe, fi, fo, fum, i smell the blood of an english man.
Beefy: Boony, are you trying to scare me?
Boony: Yep

(Okay, Thats enough fo today. I will Start a post for each of the days and if you have comments you want to share, you can add it there. I want to personally yet again thank you all for sharing your dolls comments. Let me know anything you would like changed or anything you think might be cool. Oh yeah, and didn’t the Aussies do well!!!!)

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