Is this actually the most concerning thing about the First test (for the English)?

I read this article on CricInfo and wondered if it actually is a bigger worry then the articles headline would have you think: 

Duncan Fletcher, the England coach, believes the way his batsmen countered Shane Warne at the Gabba will be a big boost for the remainder of the series. Warne went wicketless during nine overs in the first innings, but picked up four victims in the second, including Paul Collingwood and Andrew Flintoff.

Source: Cricinfo – ‘We played Warne very well’ – Fletcher

So on the surface you say that the POMs handled Warne well and that was good news, right? But if Warne had only minor impact on this game, its a big worry that they got routed by 200+ runs. Warnie normally bowls well on the GABBA but wait till he gets tot he SCG and the Adelaide oval for there pitches and the MCG with him playing in front of 80,000+ fans a day in his home town!

And what about the fact that McGrath (I bet the English are glad he is over the hill as commentators have been mentioning (my tongue is firmly in the Cheek)) ran through them in the first innings and Stuart Clark takes wickets in both innings.

There is a long way to go and you would have to think that the English will get better from here (they couldn’t get much worst, could they?) and I am looking forward to the games ahead.





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