Boofy Sayings for Day 1, 2nd Test

Well Friday has arrived and it Day 1 of the Second Test of the 2006/07 Ashes series. We all know what that means, right? No not that perhaps the most interesting day of the series is going to occur with what might be the most important toss to win, Boofy (i.e. Boony and Beefy = Boofy) will be firing up with more banter. I will try to added sayings below. I am really hoping for a few new sayings, the guys at Accure, have done a fantastic job with this years dolls and I am sure they have some great things still in store for us (wonder if they having anything planned for 29th of December, Donnie?)!

Let me know what your dolls are saying and I will add them below!


Nothing earth shattering in the comments.

There was a Whacker comment from boony. Think beefy wanted some team and it seems like English Muffins and Sausage Rolls on the cards for lunch.

(Which reminds me, I am hungry). More later.

Thanks to Mickk, it seems his Boony is having trouble with the heat in Melbourne (yes heat!) and has asked for a beer 5 times! Mickk, get the Boony a beer!

Boony: How about that Beefy?

Beefy: Absolute rubbish Boony!

Boony still after that beer, and despite the heat, Beefy refuses to move his beers to the Fridge (well according to Boony, any way).

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