Is this real Warnie or Big Warnie?

I pointed this out earlier in the week, but Shane Warne wrote about it also: 

Warne fired back at England coach Duncan Fletcher, claiming Fletcher was trying to prop up fragile egos with his provocative comments that the tourists had played the master leg-spinner “very, very well and positively” during their 277-run pounding in Brisbane.

Source: English are scared of me – Warne | Herald Sun

This brings back memories of the 5th ad in the Big Warnie campaign, that has an Englishmen (I am not sure I am allowed to say POM any more, more of that later) complaining about the big Warnie being left where it was. After the catch cry, “It’s Definitely On!!!” They come back to the lead Aussie saying “Your just frighten of his Flipper”.

Seems that they are. Worst news is that Warne and his mentor Terry Jenner have been working on his drift. To me, this is the sign that Warnie is at his best when he has the ball drifting into the batsman and then spinning away. When that happens, he is unplayable.




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