Boofy Sayings: Day 2 of Second test

Well the first day was a busy one for me and today being Saturday will mean that I will be running around all over the place with the kids. I will try and add the sayings as I hear them (I have two sets of Dolls home today) but please pass on yours as well in the comments!


Boony: Put the VB’s on ice, the Crickets on the Tele! (or listen to the saying here by pressing play) 

Beefy wants his beers warmed up as the Cricket is on the tele (missed recording it though, doh).

One of my Boony must realize that the Aussies are struggling to get a wicket and is trying to intimidate Beefy with a little bit of “Fe Fi Fo Fum” action!

Its late, the Aussies had a pretty bad day and I am listening to some of the Ashes Podcasts that are around and also checking my recordings of Boony and Beefy. So here is the list of the sayings I found.

Boony mentioned about Beefys beers in the Oven

Boony asked for Beefy to Throw him a VB, but Beefy didn’t trust him

Boony told the Queen to Take that 

Boony mentioned “Umpires Cold beer Please” I think (what do you think)

Beefy wanted some Crisps

Lastly (and there where probably more) the guys had a BBQ

Hope you enjoyed the sayings. If you are reading this off the main site, you might want to visit the post to play the sounds.


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