Boofy Sayings – Day 4 of Second test (Plus match updates)

061107-1429-53I had a quite day with Boony and Beefy (Boofy) but one thing I noted is that there default sayings have changed.

Boony and Beefy have already started the day.

The customary start of Boony asking Beefy for a beer because the cricket was starting was quickly followed by Boony asking for the Ashes back now.

Send in the comments you hear!


Boony asked for Beefy’s opinion and Beefy thinks that its Rubbish. Should I assume this is a comment about Ashley Giles who I notice entered the attach at the same time?

Match update: Aussies 12 runs off avoiding the follow-on. Okay, make that 4 with Gilly hitting 2 fours of Harmison. Gilchrist 36, Clarke 41.

Match Update: Gilly reaches his 50. Clarke 43. Aussies past the follow-on and on their way to England’s first innings score. If Gilly and Clarke can stay in a few more hours, this game could get really interesting!

Match Update: Gilly out for 64. A wicket for Giles (caught on the Fence mind you). Clarke on 50. The two of them put on 98 in reasonably quick time. Warne in and the Aussies on 384. Would love to see them get a bit of a lead and put the pressure back on the POMs. (Boony and Beefy quite at the moment)

Match Update: At Lunch, Aussies 6-417. Trailing by 134. Warne 12 and M.Clarke on 68. Should be an interesting Middle session. Wouldn’t be surprised to see the Aussies take a few extra risks to try to force a game out of this. Apparently there is a heap of chatter going on out in the center. Perhaps that will firer up the Aussies

Boony seems like he is going back to the Staple of Nachos while Beefy is after some scones.

Match Update: Since lunch the score has moved on to 441 with no wicket loss. Warne 23, Clarke 80.

Boony thinks that the England cricketers are in trouble, so God save the queen!

Boony wants a beer and wants me to get Beefy’s out of the oven for him.

Match Update: The lead is back to double Digits. You would have to think that Australia are batting England out of the game and in fact becoming the only team that could win the game! Why do I say that? Arguably Warnie is the only one that looks like being able to run through a side! He is on 25 with the Bat and Clarke is in the nervous 90’s. Scoring has slowed down considerably.

Match Update: Clarke brings up the ton. Hes 100 off 183 balls. Warne 31 and the score on 469. Trailing by 82 runs.

Boony want a beer but Beefy thinks he will drop it. Have any of you noticed that the dolls have Boony asking for the beer and Beefy saying you’ll drop it but the ads on websites (like the one in this post) have Beefy asking for the beer and Boony saying he’ll drop it? A mistake possibly? , do you know? I am officially freaked out. As I am writing this and clicking on the ad in the post to make sure that I am right, Boony asks for a beer and Beefy says he’ll drop it. I don’t know if I will feel safe with these guys in my home tonight!

Match Update: Warne out and that’s tea. He made 43 and put on 118 with Clarke (121). The Aussies trail by 43 and unless one of the Aussie bowlers can pull a rabbit out of the hat, you have to believe a draw is on the cards. The English Press have been having a field day predicting the end of McGrath and Warne (at least Pietersen and their batters domination of him). This might be the extra motivation those two champions need to roll through the English Line up.

Match Update: Hoggard has just got his 7th Wicket and is swinging it (from reading the CricInfo feed). What’s that he is sucking on? (just kidding, I think). 9 – 507. Would think Lee has to throw the bat now, although McGrath could stay around a while.

Match Update: The Aussies are all out. 513. McGrath made 1 and Lee was not out 7. The English have a lead of 38. With about 110 overs to go, hard to see where the result will come from unless Warne can spin the English out in a big hurry. I think this will come down to practice time in the middle and momentum/pride for the rest of the series.

And to make matters worst for the Aussies, Boony has just got his Box caught in his undies!

Beefy must be completely bored with the cricket, he is after a game of darts!

Match Update: Clark has the first scalp and its Cook for 9. 1-31 (or net 69). Warne bowled a good first over as well. This is an important wicket as the Aussies wouldn’t want to give the English openers even a sniff of getting back into any sort of form. Make the POMs sweat on their openers and then work on the middle order! Result still a chance but its a long shot now. You would have to believe that the Aussies are the only chance from here!

Match Update: At the close of play the game is headed for a draw unless an Australian Bowler can catch fire and roll the Poms. 1-59 with Strauss 31 and Bell 18. It would be great to get rid of Strauss for not many, he has the ability to get a lot of runs.

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