Boofy Sayings – Final Day of Second Test (with Match updates)

The match is heading for a draw but lets see what Boony and Beefy are up to today.


Boony thinks Beefy has a nice tash and Beefy thinks Boony is the master! Perhaps with the game sliding into a draw the heat between Boony and Beefy is reducing.

Match Update: Yes, Got him! Strauss gone for 34 to what CricInfo described as a questionable catch to Hussey off the bowling of a very dangerous Warne! 2 – 70 and Collingwood comes to the wicket to face a fired up Warne!

Match Update: 4 days of hard work, could it be out the window? Bell run out for 26 and now Collingwood and Pietersen at the wicket with Warne apparently tuning it a mile! England are 3 for 70 (net 108). This could be fun! (Hey CricInfo, where is my Wicket Alert?)

Match Update: To quote the CricInfo guys: “Oh Dear”. The king is dead, long live the King! Read it and weep:

KP Pietersen b Warne 2

I guess that makes it 1 all for this test match in the Warne v Pietersen battle.

Lee entering the attack!

Match Update: 3/8 off the last 10 overs. Image what McGrath might do after being written off by the Press, AGAIN!!!!!

Match Update: Flintoff Gawn!!!!!! Caught Gilly off of Lee! Maybe they won’t need McGrath! 5 – 77. I guess Jones has got the situation he prefers! (Press Play on the Player Below for interview. His comment near the end (last 15 seconds)):

Mean while Boony and Beefy do the Nice Tash Routine again!

Match Update:  5 – 89 at Lunch. Hope the English don’t CHOKE on their Cucumber Sandwiches! Warne to continue after lunch and as yet, no McGrath!!!

On another note, one day after Kim got the ass and Kevin moved in, Boony is making his own bid for PM!

Beefy thought that one went through them like a late night Curry. Ummmmm, Curry!!!

Match Update: Jones Gonesky! Caught by Hayden off Lee! Who is gaining the confidence here? Warne still seems to be unplayable and now Giles is in. My prediction, English press go Jones about his batting (wonder if he still prefers 5/57 or 5/457?).  6 – 95.

Match Update: QUACK, QUACK, QUACK. Giles gone for a duck! Caught Hayden bowled Warne! 3 more wickets to go and then the Aussies would have a nasty little chase of about 150 odd. This game isn’t over yet for either team. As my dear old mother always says. If one team goes (out) quick, the other can go out just as quickly!

I guess the Aussies worked out how to stop Collingwood. Get the rest of the team out at the other end! Warne 3 – 36 by the way!

Match Update: Warnie, Warnie, Warnie. Another Wicket. Hoggard Bowled for 4. England 8 – 105. Collingwood 11. Here come the Ferrets (they come after the Bunny’s you see!). You know your in trouble when Warny starts getting you with the Wrong’en/Googly

Match Update: McGrath cleans up the tail and the Aussies chase 168 (sorry for the delay, had a meeting). Currently the Aussies are 2 for 43 with Ponting and Hussey in. Need to score a further 125 off the last 28 overs at a rate of 4.46 with no Fielding restrictions and a wearing pitch. This is a one day match from here kids. They play until the game is over, no 6:30 cut off. Wonder if Eddie is going to the news early today? Me bets not!

Match Update: 100 needed off 23 overs 8 wickets in hand at a rate of about 4.35 an over.

Match Update: 94 needed off 22 overs 8 wickets in hand at a rate of about 4.28 an over

Dam!! Boony said something about getting something for the trouble and strife in yellow but I missed it and wasn’t recording it! D’oh! (sure Boony would tell me to stop whinging you whacker)

Match Update: 84 needed off 20 overs 8 wickets in hand at a rate of about 4.2 an over

Match update: Ponting out for 49. Caught Strauss bowled Giles. 3 -116. 52 off about 14 overs at about 3.5 overs. Martyn in and off the mark with a 1.

Match Update: Here is the last roll of the dice. Flintoff into the attack after a short period off the ground (maybe a little jabby, jabby with the Elephant juice).

Match Update: Martyn welcomes him with a 4 and then is out caught at slip. Surely Clarke in next to see us home. 4 – 121. 47 to get with 6 wickets left. Is there another twist in this game yet? Oh, dear. Any one watching this on TV? Is it still on?

Match Update:  36 needed off 11 overs 6 wickets in hand at a rate of about  3.3 an over. Just when you thought Freddie had bowled a maiden, Clarke hits a 3 and Pietersen gives him a bonus 4 over throws with what the ABC are describing as a silly throw!

Match Update: 31 needed off 9 overs 6 wickets in hand at a rate of about 3.45 an over

Match Update: 17 needed off 7 overs 6 wickets in hand at a rate of about 2.6 an over. Mr Cricket, Mike Hussey brings up 50 and if he can remain not out his average will stay above 80! Freak!

Match Update: 11 needed off 6 overs 6 wickets. Is that a Fat lady I am seeing stepping up on the stage?

Match Update: 10 needed off 5 overs 6 wickets.

Match Update: 8 needed off 4 overs 6 wickets. Losing the streaming now. Think the English have finally brought the field in!



I said after the last test that the Ashes weren’t over yet, but they are extremely close now. Having said that, look at this game and I am waiting for another win or 2 draws before I start to celebrate the Ashes!

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