Greatest spin bowler ever!

Bet you thought this was going to be about Warnie (Shane Warne)? Nope

Okay, maybe about Murali (Muttiah Muralitharan) the second leading wicket taker in the World? Nope! Wrong again.

What about a dark horse like New Zealand Left armer, Daniel Vettori or the Indian leg spinner Anil Kumble (number 4 on the all-time wicket list if I am not mistaken). Buzz, wrong again!

No the spinner I talk of is England’s Monty Panesar! Of Course! 

Okay, so the only time I have really seen him bowl is on highlights on YouTube, like this one:


But I have been listening to all the English Podcasts on the Cricket and they seem to be saying that if Monty had played in the first two test matches, England would have been 2 – nil up now instead of 2 – nil down!!

I don’t remember any player in my memory of test cricket getting so much press with out actually having bowled a ball in the test series. How bad has it got you might ask? There is now a petition on a BBC website to have him included in the next test in Perth.

I don’t see anyway that he can be left out of the 3rd Test, and as such, I am strongly considering putting money on England! I mean, come on, if they have the greatest spinner of all time playing for them! And look what the response from one Australian batsman was to the news Monty would be playing (at least this might be what some think)!

I wonder if there will be Big Monty ads advertising the next ashes series like the Big Warnie ones for this series.




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