Mum was Right!

 In yesterdays daily summary I mentioned my mums quote about one team going just as quickly as the other and it came to pass that just that happened.

But the under-pressure Matthew Hayden and captain Ricky Ponting finally brought some sense to the batting in this match, with a responsible partnership which had taken Australia to 1-119 off 36 overs by stumps. This time, there would be no more torment from Harmison, no more feverish celebrations from Panesar. There was barely even an appeal as Hayden and Ponting seized the moment. Both will resume on 57 today, with Australia leading by 148.

Source: Ponting has one hand on the urn – News – Ashes Tour 06-07 –

So Australia will looking to turn the screws and bat England out of this game and possibly out of the Ashes. With 3 days remaining there is no hurray to get after the bowlers and in fact it looks like the pitch is flatting out into something not to bad to bat on, but as we all know, things change in Cricket quickly at times (remember the Adelaide test match?).

For a great audio summary of the day, here is a link to Ian Chappell’s report from the great folk at CricInfo.  (if you are viewing this off this site and don’t see the player below, click the link in the post title to come to the site and listen)


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