Boony and Beefy Sayings for the third Test (and Match updates)

So the Third test is upon us and the series is dominated 2 – 0 by the Aussies. England are likely to spring changes with at least Monty Panesar likely to be added and possibly Chris Read replacing Jones behind the stumps.

Will update when I can the Sayings of Boony and Beefy and also with the match situations. Please feel free to add information about what your dolls are saying below:

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Day 1

Match Update:

Teams in:
Australia: JL Langer, ML Hayden, RT Ponting, MEK Hussey, MJ Clarke, A Symonds, AC Gilchrist, SK Warne, B Lee, SR Clark, GD McGrath
England: AJ Strauss, AN Cook, IR Bell, PD Collingwood, KP Pietersen, A Flintoff, GO Jones, SI Mahmood, MJ Hoggard, SJ Harmison, MS Panesar
Monty and Mahmood in for England and Symonds in for the Aussies. No word from Boony or Beefy yet.

Match Update: Aussies win the toss and bat! Bring on Monty!

Cricket is about to start and Boony wants Beefy to get him a beer. Beefy declines.

Match Update: Langer and Hayden off to a Flyer. 0/27 off 7 odd.

Boony obviously thought we would bowl and gave me a bit of “Oh Uh Glenn McGrath” action!

Match Update: Hayden Gone, Caught Jones Bowled Hoggard. 1 / 47 Hayden made 24 and Langer on 20. This is the good news for England, the bad news is this brings Ponting to the Crease and he has a Shabby 448 runs to his name, this series! at an average of 148.

Match Update: 1 – 54 at Drinks. Ponting 2 Langer 25

And Beefy is looking for some of the sponsors finest for himself and the Queen!

Match Update: Shock Horror. Ponting out for 2. Not only that, Harmy got him! 2 – 54

Match Update: Oh dear, Langer out Bowled Monty Panesar. Could this have been a worst start for the Aussies? Bowled him. Must of been a little turn (from the commentary). 3/69. Up to Clarke and Hussey to bat for a while. Both are averaging over 100 for the series. Won’t the England press have a field day over Monty! That is lunch by the way. Apparently Punter (Ponting) was concerned at the toss that there would be something in it early for the bowlers.

Boony wants a beer for him and Beefy. Normal Banter about Ian’s being in the Fridge.

Boony tries a bit of the giant scaring tactics on Beefy, who just laughs.

Match Update: Mr Cricket and Pup have put on a solid 50 at a little over 3 an over. Hussey on 19 and Clarke has raced to 35. Lets hope these guys can see out the day.

Match Update: Wicket. I spoke too soon. Clarke gawnski for 37. Symonds off the mark with a 4. 4 – 125. Hussey not out 17. I ain’t saying anything more!

Boony decides “That’s Tea” and Beefy (obviously happy with the game situation chirps up with “English Breakfast Please” Could there be a secret sponsorship by a tea company or is there going to be a new line of VB? hmm…..

Match Update: Symonds hits Monty for 2 six’s and a 4, then a 1 to take 17 off one over. I guess that was the worry with the Montster. Aussies onto 4 – 167 (RR 3.46). Symonds on 26 (22 balls) and Hussey on 37.

Match Update: Monty has the last laugh. Symonds out for 26. Caught Jones bowled Panesar. 5 – 172. Damm, that would have been exciting if it had of lasted another hour or two! Gilly hasn’t been in the best form. Hussey on to 42.

Match Update: Gilly out Caught Bell Bowled Monty. Bit of bounce. Wonder if Warnie will roll them as well. A quacker for Gilly. Horror continues. Warny to the crease and he always fancys himself against the fellow spinners. 6 – 172 and Hussey could be on his way to more red ink (oh that’s a jinx if I ever heard one)! Current average for Mr Cricket? 83.

Match Update: 6 – 205. 33 partnership between Warne and Hussey. Hussey on to 59 and Warnie on 16. Got to run now. Hopefully do a stumps update later tonight.

Match Update: Australia all out for 244. England 2 – 51 over night. More details in the Summary.

Check out the day summary.

Day 2

Match Update: Hi all, Sorry about the late start to the reporting, had some family matters to attend too. In the mean time the Aussies have 2 wickets and have the English at 4 – 85. Batsman out are Collingwood for 11 and Strauss out for 42. Pietersen and Flintoff are in. McGrath has 2 wickets, Clark and Lee one a piece. This is definitely not going to go the distance!

Match Update: Flintoff is out. Caught Warny Bowled Symonds for 13. Big wicket. We are now into England’s extended tail. Not quite the 5/57 that Jones loves but still England in a lot of strife (Hear sound bite of Jones interview in this post). CricInfo got my hopes up with a double post, thought Symo had got another one!

Boony and Beefy are speechless today!

Match Update: Roy (Symonds) has another one. Jones for a duck. Come on down Chris Read for the Boxing Day test. Aghh, at least the Pommy press will have something to complain about. 6 – 114. Guess we might see the Aussie batting again soon.

Boony knew the cricket was on but still was wondering if someone could get him a beer (obviously doesn’t realize its beer O’clock in about an hour).

Also thought there was a cracking shot

Match Update: 6 – 122 at Lunch. Pietersen 27 and Mahmood 6.

Match Update: 7 – 129 Mahmood Caught Gilly bowled Clark. KP on 30. Guess mum was right!

Match Update: Warnie strikes! Hoggard out for 4. Pietersen is on 50 and Harmy joins him. The Cat and mouse game of the Fielding side giving Pietersen a single and him not taking it has started. This wicket leaves Warne 5 wickets from being the first Bowler to 700. Will he do that here at the WACA or wait till he gets to the MCG?

Match Update: Pietersen out for 70. Caught Symonds bowled Lee. Pietersen had gone after Warne in the last over. Now Monty arrives with applaud. Now if Warnie gets the last wicket each of the bowlers will have 2 wickets. 9 – 175. Aussies lead by 69, dude!

Match Update: Finally! 40 runs for the 10th wicket, the highest partnership for the POMs. Harmison 23 Caught Lee Bowled Clark (again the leading Wicket taker). Monty not out 16. 215 for England leaves them 29 behind. Its Defiantly ON!

Match Update: Oh dear. Langer out first ball. 1 – 0.

Match Update: Australia dominate from the last report to the end of the day with Hayden and Ponting both getting to 57 by the close of play with the score on 1 – 119 and a lead of 148. They seemed to have given Monty a little more respect this innings but he still would appear the guy that can just make things happen around him.

Click here for Day 2 summary

Day 3

Match Update: Man, what a day (for me that is as well as the cricket). Just a quick post. Aussies moved on to 2 – 354, a lead of 383. Hussey just brought up his Century is on 102, Clarke is in with him on 73. Ponting made 75 and Hayden made 92. Australia is fast batting England out of the game, maybe the series!

Match Update: Wow! Gilly comes to the party and the POMs are set over 550 and have already lost one wicker. Gilly scored the Second fast Century in the history of test Cricket.

Days Summary available here

Day 4

Probably be slim pickings of my summaries today but will see what I can do. Keep your Boony and Beefy comments coming!

Match Update: Slow day for the Aussies. 2 wickets so far. 3 – 245. Cook his hit his straps and is on 109. Pietersen on 26. Warne and Clark the wicket takers today. Collingwood went cheaply for 11 and Bell went at the unlucky number of 87. England have batted themselves back into the game. The problem is they can’t afford to loose wickets as they drop away quickly. I have to admitt that I thought when England declared for 550 in the 1st innings that the aussies normally went for 600. I thought the same thing yesterday when the declaration came.

On the Boony and Beefy front, missed most of the day but I like Mickk (in the comments) noticed a strange sound come from them at about the same time. Will see what I can find out about it.

Match Update: Double wicket over to McGrath picking up Cook and the night watchman, Hoggard. Man, the English must be happy that McGrath has had it (or so they say). Now Warne is asking a lot of questions. Pietersen is 35 and Flintoff is forced to face the music tonight!

Match Update: McGrath to bowl the last over at Freddie and on the first ball they take a very risk single.

Match Update: Second ball they give Pietersen a single by pushing the field back.

Match Update: 1 1 1 1  Flintoff got off strike on the third ball and again they gift Pietersen a run on the fourth. Here is the 2nd to last. No run. Last ball. I away it should be Englands day but with the late wickets, the Aussies are probably in the box seat again. Last night the Beefy doll started the “Freddie, Freddie, Freddie” chant and they sure need him tomorrow. Pietersen, Flintoff, Jones, Mahmood, Harmy and Monty stand in the way of the Aussies getting the Ashes. Well those guys and the weather!

Smooth Boony professes his love for VB. Its smooth like him!

Day 5

Reports from the Ground are that Rain won’t be a factor. Pietersen and Flintoff will be keys to England not losing this game. Still think a draw is out of the question. Can England force a win!

Match Update: Freddie is going after the bowling. Has raced to 29 and Pietersen is 42. Guess he figures he is either going to get away with it and make the runs quick or go down swinging. England 298 for 5 and still need 258 to win. At this rate this will be over by tea without a doubt. One way or another. Bring on the first innings destroyer, Symonds!

Beefy thinks the Tabloids will love this!

Match Update: Warne into the attack! Should be interesting/Entertaining! Apparently the biggest forth innings score was by England in a timeless test, well it was meant to be timeless but they had to call it off early or England would have missed the boat. I think Freddie doesn’t want to miss the boat. Just hit Lee for 6.

Match Update: Freddie, Freddie, Freddie, is gone, gone, gone. Warne got him bowled. Thank goodness for that. Makes me feel a whole lot better.  4 wickets to go and Warne has 697 and needs 3 more for 700.

Match Update: You don’t have to be dead to be stiff. Here is how CricInfo describes the latest wicket, Jones out Run out:

Warne to Jones, OUT, closer again, an LBW shout, and Australia think they’ve got their man. And they have! But run-out. There’s a close call for the LBW, from another sweep. Jones’s foot stays out of his crease as he waits for the umpire to give his decision, but meantime there’s a shy in from the alert Ponting at silly point, great anticipation from the Australian captain and that’s a duck for Jones, a pair, in fact

Still not calling victory yet, funnier things have happened in test Cricket (remember Adelaide?)

Match Update:  Eight down, meaning just two wickets lie between Australia and the Ashes. Mahmood out for 4. Score is on 345 and Pietersen onto 57. Surely he has to look to score the fastest 250 in the games history to have any chance of not losing this match, but it seems hopeless from here.

On other matters, Boony is have Nachos and Beefy Scones for lunch it would seem.

Match Update:  Harmy, gone. 1 to go. Harmy out LBW to Warne for a golden duck. The Fat lady is up and Monty is coming to the crease. By the way, Clark got Mahmood LBW (I think). They survivor till lunch meaning England have 40 mins to enjoy the ashes.

Interestingly enough the Ashes are in Australia on tour. I say the government should pass a law that they aren’t allowed to leave the country until the English win them again! Lets see how long this lasts after Lunch. Wonder what the Fat Lady is having for lunch? She surely will have some singing to do not long after the break!

Match Update:  Warne picks up wicket 699 and the Aussies have won back the Ashes and England have another record, Shortest time holding the ashes, in the 450 odd day mark. Monty out Bowled!

Itttsssss Ovvvvvvvvvvveerrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Dads Army does it! Where’s our MBE and our Parade? 

And straight after the game Boony had these comments for the Poms!


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