Oh Ah, Glen McGrath! Is that what the Fat Lady will sing?

 So close, yet now so far! The Aussies fought hard all day and bowled well but England were up to the task until right at the end and that was something that they couldn’t afford. And it was the man that is finished, that is too old, that is the oldest of Dad’s Army, Glenn McGrath.

JUST as the ghosts of the WACA Ground’s recent past began swirling ominously around Ricky Ponting’s team yesterday, a 36-year-old paceman who had hardly threatened all day stepped up to almost certainly ensure the Ashes would be back in Australian hands some time today.

Source: McGrath’s blitz breaks English grit – News – Ashes Tour 06-07 – theage.com.au

Freddie Flintoff has to face his demons and the only way this will end in a draw is if rain or bad weather get involved.

No summary would be complete with out a few comments by Ian Chappell (from CricInfo Turning Point) (Click the Play button to listen. If you don’t see a player below and are not on the original site, follow the link to the site):


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