So England where bowling to a Plan? That’s scary!

 Well we were all wrong. We thought that they just went out there and tried to get the ball somewhere near the stumps and hoping that they got a wicket but no they have a plan. Well now there plan is there for all the world to see.

The MCG was abuzz last night with speculation and rumour over how England’s plans for Australia were leaked to the media. Team England said it had launched an investigation; that it was concerned about a possible security breach surrounding their dressing room; that police might be called in; and that Cricket Australia and the International Cricket Council were also deeply disturbed.

Source: England plans go astray on and off pitch – News – Ashes Tour 06-07

It has put that the plan was simply dropped by a member of the England team or management, perhaps it was leaked to prove that they had a plan.

Want a copy of the plan for yourself? You can download load it right here!

I know a lot of other nations will be interested in the way to get Glenn McGrath out as he has terrorized attacks over the years. If you want to see Matthew Hoggard talking about it at the media conference, go here.

But maybe the most interesting comment on the subject was one of the main study locations that the English studied the document was in the dunny. Perhaps that’s why their tour is in the toilet!
(Press play on the player below for Hoggard’s interview with ABC including comments about the plan being in the Toilet)



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