The King of PR reads my work!

Well Richard Branson obviously is reading my comments (Here and Here)! After the Aussies won the Third test and so the Ashes I put out to a few people and places that Little Jonny Howard should pass a law banning the ashes Urn leaving the country. Obviously Dick Branson got a wiff of this and used it as his own thoughts.

It has taken five Tests for the ritual debate to reach full flight, but the home of the Ashes has again become an issue of national importance. Sir Richard Branson’s company Virgin Atlantic is under contract to fly the urn back to England when the series ends, but in a comical performance, in which he was flanked by Ian Botham and Allan Border, he requested it stay in Australia.

Source: Cricinfo – Branson calls for Ashes to remain in Australia

In the article it mentions that the plan was hatched between Beefy Botham and him, but come on, they stole it from me. At least give me the credit I deserve.

But lets look at this logically. What Dick said is that if MCC don’t agree with this, they will still fly them back. Do you really think that the MCC will just give up the Ashes? No of course they won’t.  And Beefy being there? Wonder what he is being paid for this?

As for Gideon Haigh pointing out mistakes that big Dick made in his speech, he should watch out as he made a major, major blunder on the in the series over a run out! He mentioned it had been 4 years since Australia got a run out against England when in fact there was one not 4 days before.

So this is just a big PR exercise by Mr Branson but good luck to him. He has got some coverage on my blog and I am sure there will be a bit around in the media.


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