Boony and Beefy Sayings for the Fifth and final Test (and Match updates)

Well this is the last test in the Ashes series. Australia have the series well and truly put away and are looking to be one of a select group of sides to win the test series 5-0. Only one change for either side with Hoggard missing with a side strain and Anderson replacing him. England won the toss and batted.


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Day 1

Match Update: At lunch the Poms are 1 – 58 (after a late start to the day). Cook not out 20 and Bell 7. Strauss was out Caught behind by Gilly off of Lee for 29.

Nothing special from Boony or Beefy but hope to get their New Years Eve work on the site in the next day or so.

Match Update: Cook gone. Caught Gilly off of Clark for 20. Both openers back in the dressing room and Pietersen again comes in at 4. Lets see if he can stick it to Aussie Coach, John Buchanan. 2 – 58 (two maidens after lunch).

Match Update: At tea, its 2 – 149. A good session for the English. Bell 58 and Pietersen 36. Could this be the innings that they finally get there stuff together for the first time since Adelaide. Pietersen apparently is charging the bowling and looking to cause trouble.

Apparently more Aussies then Earls Court in Sydney today. Well, that’s what Beefy thinks.

Match Update: Man of the moment, McGrath gets Pietersen! Out Caught Hussey bowled McGrath for 41. Bell is 70. Collingwood comes to the crease. That was McGrath’s 900th International Wicket. 3 – 166 and danger time for the Poms. This sort of place is the sort of place in the English innings where things can go pear shape.

Match Update: Hello, here we go again. Bell gawn, Bowled McGrath for 71. Suddenly its 4 – 167 and the Poms looking shaky. Flintoff and Collingwood both on zero. Will be interesting to see if Freddie goes down swinging.

All the wickets must of made Boony and Beefy hungry. Boony again looking for Sausage rolls and Beefy for English Muffins. Reminds me I need to go shopping on the way home tonight.

Match Update: Players have left the field for bad light and can’t see them coming back. 4 – 234 with Collingwood on 25 and Freddie Flintoff on 42. Good fight back by England and a pretty even day. The new ball is due (one of the reasons for the bad light decision). Should by an interesting start to the day tomorrow.

Day 2

Match Update: Langer dropped another catch but McGrath gets Collingwood Caught Behind by Gilly off McGrath for 27. Freddie is 50.England 5 – 245. McGrath and Lee bowling very well. Could we see a score under 275?

Beefy couldn’t find Boony this morning. Have repositioned and will see how they go. 

Match Update: Here we go again. Lee on a Hat trick. Read Caught Gilly for 2 and a first ball blob for Mahmood, caught by Hayden at first slip (?). Freddie on 61 and England 7 -258. Still need another 17 to make that 275 I mentioned before. Freddie must farm the strike!

Boony likes Beefy’s Tash and Beefy returns the complement.

Match Update: Flintoff to Face the Hat trick ball.

Match Update: Didn’t get it. Too wide apparently.

Match Update: Harmy LBW to Clark for 2. Another drop catch by Langer and England move on to 8 for 291. Flintoff 89. Doing a good job batting with the tail.

Match Update: The end is near. Flintoff finally out caught behind for 89 off Clark. Thanks to him England my sneak to 300 and who knows with the ball seemingly doing a bit today.  9 – 291. Monty and Ando in to face Clark and Warny. Lets hope Langer has his mind on the job and him and Hayden can put one last big partnership together for old time sake.

Match Update: That’s it. Monty out for a duck. LBW to Warne. That’s International wicket 1000 for Warne. England all out for 291. 6 – 57 this morning, Australia always bounce back, you just knew it might happen. Possibly one over before lunch.

Match Update: Langer out for 26. Caught Read bowled Anderson. Will this be his last test innings. Will have to wait and see. 1 – 34 with Hayden on 4.

Match Update: 1 – 84. Aussies trailing by 207.Hayden 27 and Ponting 25. Just a bit over 20 overs gone.  Aussies going at a good clip. If they could keep this scoring pace up for the rest of the day, should be about 30 up by the end of the day.

Match Update: 2 – 100. Hayden gone cutting at a wide one. He made 33 and Ponting on 35 (51 balls). That brings Mr Cricket to the crease to  whether he improves or goes back on his 82.1 Average. These two are averaging 200 between them this series. Its an understatement to say England dearly want one (or both) of these wickets.

Match Update: 3 – 122. Ponting run out going for a suicide single. Hussey not out 8. Ponting made 45.

Match Update: Harmy strikes again.Clarke out Caught behind by Read for 11, Hussey is on 29 and its 155 for 4. Players just now going off due to Rain. Could be interesting when they come back. Australia have a lot of batting to come but England putting the pressure on. With Australia’s history lately on this ground, they would want a nice lead to hopefully not have to bat again. Symonds and Gilly (maybe Warnie in his final test) need to make some runs.

In other news, Apparently Richard Branson is taking up my idea and is refusing to take the Ashes Urn back to England. I assume this is just a big PR stunt but you never know!

Match Update: 4 – 179 (trailing by 112).  Hussey 36, Symonds 14. Couple of overs to go.

Match Update: That’s stumps. 4 – 188 (Trailing by 103) Hussey 37 and Symonds 22. Looking for a lot from these two. Would be good for Symonds to follow up with a 50 or 100 after his Ton in the last match to show it was a fluke. The game is interestingly placed. The Aussies have scored a bit faster then England and so the ball will be very old in the morning rather then new as it was for England this morning.

In other news, Cricket Australia isn’t happy with the guys at CricInfo for calling Justin Langer a Gnome! Hope to have more on this later.

Oh and from a Boony/Beefy point of view, seems like a lot of repeating going on today. See ya tomorrow.

Day 3

Boony settling for a big day has asked that we chill the VB’s.

Match Update: Second over of the day, Hussey out caught Behind by Read off of Anderson. 5 -190. Symonds 24, Gilly at the crease. If these two can get going, it could be some fun cricket to watch!

Match Update: Gilly living dangerously. Has been dropped twice (hard chances apparently). Gilly has raced to 30 (balls) and Symonds is on 39. Australia trail by 53 and are 5 – 238. New ball about 11 overs away. At the rate these two are going, if they survive to it, the Aussies will be in front. No sign of Monty this morning. Is Flintoff scared that these two might have a Six party against him.

Match Update: Symonds out for 48. Gilly on 42. Warne to the crease and hits a boundary with his first ball. 6 – 264. As I write he hits a 6. That’s 10 off two balls. Warny wants that first ton and wants it as the fastest in history just to add to his list of records. Aussies now trial by 21 and its 270 for 6.

Boony likes Warny’s hitting and wants the Poms to Cop that!

Match Update: Okay, back from a lunch. Gilly out for 62 C Read off Anderson and Lee out for 5, Caught Read off Flintoff. Score moved on to 8 – 345. Warne on 48 and Clark 12. The value of bowlers that understand what to do with a bat in his hand. The Aussies where 5 -245 when Symonds got out and have put over 100 (obviously). Current lead is 59 (score moves on to 350 as I type). With England’s history of poor second innings batting, if the Aussies get much more, this could be back to back Innings wins. 

Match Update: That’s the 100 lead. I have said it before and I will say it now. I am looking forward to the English Podcasts tonight. Warne 70 (60 balls) and Clark 34 (39). Boycott must be having puppys! 8 – 391. This partnership is 66 off 11 odd overs at close to a run a ball. Warne and Collingwood are Sledging each other. Collingwood must remember he has to play on and this is Warnie’s last game. That and I am sure Warney is a lot more loaded in the Money stakes then Paul is!

Match Update: Clark out for 35. Warne on 71. He needs 29 with Glenn McGrath to reach that 100 he so dearly wants! Lets hope his script writer doesn’t run out of ink now. This could be fun. Oh and Mahmood got the wicket. 102 lead for the Aussies on 9 – 293. (McGrath see out the over, will Warne launch him self at Monty. Left arm spinners have a history of getting him chasing a ton, even when they do noball).

Match Update: That’s it, Warne Stumped by Read off Monty. 71 and McGrath left stranded again. Aussie have 102 lead. Can England make them bat. IF the Aussie bowl today like they did yesterday, this might be another 3 day test!

Match Update: There it is. Its started early. 1 – 5. Cook out Caught behind off Lee. Lee has been inspired in this match. Perhaps McGrath’s retirement has sparked him to new heights. England need to make another 97 to make the Aussies bat again.

Match Update: Word is Strauss got hit by a ball. Is on his feet a little dazed. Hope he is okay.

Match Update: Good fight back but Strauss now out 24 LBW the New Glenn McGrath, Clark. Bell not out 25. Pietersen in and the Aussies to pile on the pressure. 2 – 55 (Trailing 47).  Need another 200 to make this interesting. With 3 wickets in hand (come on, you can’t count the bottom 5) these two have to do a lot.

Match Update: Dinger Bell gone. Caught behind off Lee. It was a wide one folks. Come on down Mr Collingwood. I am sure Warny will say hi (hehe). 3 – 64. Pietersen being well controlled by the bowlers (especially McGrath) at the moment. 2 more wickets and then we’re into the tail. 38 to make the Aussies bat again!

Match Update: Collingwood out. Caught Hayden in the Gully bowled Clark for 17. Pietersen is 15. Freddie comes to the crease. England need 4 to make the Aussies bat again. The Aussies need 6 wickets. Well 1 and the tail. They would love to get Freddie early. Wonder if there considering flicking Warny into the attack.

Match Update: Flintoff out just before the end of play caught on the crease, stumped by Gilly off of Warne for 7. KP finished on 29 and Monty Panesar (sent in as Night Watchman (?????)) is not out 0.


Day 4

I have been very cautious so far with my predictions but not today. I recon this could be over before the normal start of play. Will be interesting if this does happen and Australia are chasing a small total if the Aussie don’t send Warny and Langer to open in the second dig.

Pressing the button on Beefy this morning brought the comment “Where’s the loo, we could be here a while”. Hmmmmmm…then again, we could be done very quickly.

Match Update: 3rd ball of the day. Pietersen caught Gilly bowled McGrath for 29. <Insert Fat lady joke here>.

Boony asked for the VB’s to be put on ice but I had to tell him that the game isn’t lasting long enough for that!

Match Update: What’s funnier: Channel 9 have Humphrey on or England lose Monty for 0 RUN OUT! So in just over four overs this morning, England have lost 2 wickets for no runs. GIVE LANGER A BOWL!

Match Update: Read, GAWN! Caught Ponting Bowled Lee for 4. This was a wonderful partnership of 8. Mahmood on 4. 8 – 122 a lead of 21.

Match Update: Mahmood out for 4. Bowled McGrath. I am embarrassed for the English. No wonder they all want to come out here and be Aussies! Not long now.

Match Update: All out. Andersen out caught Hussey Bowled McGrath for 5. Harmison not out 16. The Aussies are chasing 47. Will they bat Warny or McGrath earlier then normal if possible.

Scary, Boony chimes in with an “Oh Agh Glenn McGrath” call. Something is up here. I am going to do some research.

Match Update: All over. Aussies win by 10 wickets. England hang your head in shame. No one Dick doesn’t want to take the Ashes Urn back (well, okay, PR is the real reason).  Langer 20 and Hayden 23. Much celebrating for the Aussies. Presentations to come.

Man of the Match is Stuart Clark and Man of the Series Ricky Ponting. Glenn McGrath got it right with his prediction of 5 – 0. I guess the next big event is the 20 – 20 International on the 9th. Personally I am trying to get along to the Vic Bushrangers v QLD Bulls match on Sunday.

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