Where can I get Boony and Beefy Dolls?

In the past the question that I got Quite a bit was how do I get a Boony and Beefy Doll. I have been sending people the Official Site but it seems now that the Boonanza shop is now shut.

061107-1430-03It does have a message that you can still get the dolls at participating stores. But where else can you get them? Well last night at the Twenty20 interstate Grand Final they had them on sale at the Merchendice stands for $15.

The other place that seems to have improved as a spot to get them is eBay. Early on I warned that people where charging a priemum over the price that you can buy them at the store but now it seems that there is a flood of them on the market and they are responably priced now.

So best of luck and enjoy.



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