Goodbye to Boony and Beefy

  Well, the Commonwealth series ended with a bad result for the Aussies and they have already had a loss in the land of the Long Whit Sheep (New Zealand) but worst then that was the end of the timer produced messages from Boony and Beefy Dolls. They finished on Valentines Day with Boony confessing his love for VB and Beefy looking for Kiss.

Over at the Driving force behind the Dolls, Accure, they have started to release (not sure if it is tong in Cheek) some of the other options before Beefy was chosen.

We know the cricket is all over and Boony and Beefy have stopped their chatter, but we thought some avid fans might like to see who could have been Boony’s partner in this years Ashes Campaign.

Source: Carpark at Accure » Blog Archive » Boony Campaign | Update

So now we wait for the world cup and on the Boony and Beefy Doll front, we wait for them to open up for giving us some of their statements between each other.

Stay tune!


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