Boony gets the Ass, enter the Sheik of Tweak

Boony Beefy and old BoonyWell the era of Boony being the VB Doll are gone. There won’t be a new Boony Doll this year but this doesn’t mean that there won’t be a doll this year. No, they have taken the man the advertised the Ashes series last year with a huge statue that did the rounds of London (See the series here).

Yes thats right, the Sheik of Tweak, Shane Warne is the man that will be the focus of this years One day Series. A doll of the great man will be available later in the year  (I believe). If you want to follow the happenings, subscribe over at where I will be documenting the summer of VB and of the Warnie Doll!

But don’t fear. I still hope to update this site with more Boony Videos and with sounds of the great man!


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