Boony and Beefy interaction sayings

This is a page for the conversations that Boony and Beefy have. (Updated after the First Test)

Default (Thanks for the image, Steve):

(Press Beefy’s button for 3 seconds and then press Boony’s button for 3 seconds. Make sure the inFrared ports are facing each other)

Boony: Aussie Aussie Aussie

Beefy: Oi Oi Oi

Bonny: Aussie

Beefy: Oi

Boony: Aussie

Beefy: Oi

Boony: Aussie Aussie Aussie

Beefy: Oi Oi Oi

Boony: On ya Beefy

Botham: Bugger off Boony

Melbourne Cup Day (7-11-2006) (thanks to Steve for some of the sayings!)

  • Beefy: Your round Boony
    Boony: Your rounder Beefy
  • Booy: What do you think Beefy, off to the pub for a night cap?
    Beefy: Sound’s good to me Boony
  • Boony: Turn us a snag thanks Ian
    Beefy: Turn it yourself big fella

Random other Sayings

  • Beefy: For a bloke your size you sure drink a lot of beer
    Boony:That’s why the best cold beer is Vic
  • Boony: Nice tash Beefy
    Beefy: Coming from the master himself

First Test

  • Boony: Hey Beefy, get me a beer mate, the cricket is about to start
    Beefy: Get your own Beer Boony, and make mine a VB
  • Boony: Fe Fi Fo Fu, I smell the Blood of an Englishman
    Beefy: (Ha Ha Ha) Boony, are you trying to scare me?
    Boony: Yep
  • Beefy: Boony, For a Small Doll, you Drink an aweful lot of cold beer
    Boony: (Beer can opens) And the best Cold Beer is Vic, Beefy
  • Beefy: Running, its very over rated Boony
    Boony: Thats one thing we do agree on, Beefy
  • Boony: Got any sausage rolls?
    Beefy : Got any English Muffins?
  • Boony: Hey Beefy, Throw me a VB
    Beefy: Nah, you’ll only drop it!

36 responses

  1. Boony: Get me a beer. And one for Beefy. His are in the oven
    Beefy: Pop your head in Boony

  2. [IMG][/IMG]

    dont know if this is ganna work but its the boofys eyeing each other

    if it doesnt work just copy the link to a browser

  3. is anyone else getting stalked by mollyzine?


    (Molly: There was a little misunderstanding here that was sorted out. I commented in two seperate sites that Sara was invovled with because they mentioned Boony. Once I explained this to her, all was fine (in fact if you look below she is actually contributing Boofy (boony + Beefy = Boofy) sayings.) 

  4. 12.55 same chatter as posted above by Elijah, with a boony chuckle after his line.

  5. maybe that chatter was synchronised to the scheduled drinks break?

  6. err I meant lunch

  7. Isn’t it nearing the lunch break?
    Just a thought.

  8. Hey,
    It works for me! Anyone want to go to the pub for a beer?

  9. 3.25pm, Melbourne Time
    Beefy: “Running. Its very overrated Boony”
    Boony: “That’s one thing we agree on Beefy”

  10. 3.25 the aussie aussie etc chant

  11. Also, earlier, at the first drinks break:
    Boony: “Got any sausage rolls?”
    Beefy: “Got any English muffins?”

  12. Boony: (3:31pm) What’s the Poms’ best stroke… Sunstroke.

  13. 4.11 the “yours are in the oven” banter.

  14. 5.55pm
    Boony: Hey Beefy, throw me a VB.
    Beefy: Nah, you’d only drop it.

  15. 5.56pm Beefy said something I missed and Boony replied “and the best cold beer is vic beefy”

  16. Boony: Fe, fi, fo, fum, i smell the blood of an english man.
    Beefy: Boony, are you trying to scare me?
    Boony: Yep

  17. Matt,
    Fantastic! I hope to hear this one soon! I wonder if we will get a late one?

  18. morning all the Boys are awake! 10.50 Beefy, Hey boony get me a beer the crickets about to start         Boony, Get your own beer beefy and get me one, make mine a VB. 

  19. day 2 page has been set up for comments by Molly. jump onto there for all this day’s action

  20. 11.10 Beefy, as above, for a small doll you sure drink a lot of cold beer etc

  21. 11.15 Boony Fe fi fo fum etc

  22. 11.50 Boonie wants a night cap etc. Beefy is starting to sound like bert newton! might be his batteries

  23. 3.30 Boony got any sausage rols? Beefy got any english muffins?

  24. 4.45pm Mel time
    Boony: That’s Tea.
    Beefy: English Breakfast please.

  25. morning all the Boys are awake! 10.50 Beefy, Hey boony get me a beer
    the crickets about to start         Boony, Get your own beer beefy and
    get me one, make mine a VB.  Same as yesterday morning. 

  26. 11.15 boonie thinks its tea and beefy wants english breakfast

  27. 2.50 Boony: Hey beefy throw me a vb, Beefy: Nah youd probably drop it

  28. 5.55  boony Nice tash beefy beefy beefy coming from the master himself

  29. 11.55 Beefy: Running, its very overrated., Boony: Thats one thing we do agree on Beefy.

  30. Beefy: cracking shot thatBoony: Bugger off Beefy. Theres no cricket on today but the boys are very chatty. 

  31. Hi guys,
    If you wouldn’t mind can you add the new sayings for the first day of the second test here: 2006/12/01/boofy-sayings-for-day-1-2nd-test/. If you want to leave it here, thats fine as well. I appreciate all comments.


  32. why cant boony and beefy say wat the scores are

  33. BOys singing christmas carols last night and wanting christmas drinks. Today they want chrissie presents, scaring the wits out of me! 

  34. mine have just stopped working after trying to make them say things by holding down the buttons… now they just beep!

  35. You’ve just accidentally put them to sleep. Hold the button down for 3 seconds (or maybe 6 – check instructions) and they’ll wake up again…

  36. The boys have been chattering away, but I have not been able to catch what they said exactly. Some new beer chats and one that mentioned "Deano" the other night.

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