Boony Doll Sayings

This page will contain the sayings of the 2006-2007 Boony Doll. (Updated to the end of the First Test)

Week 1 (Video)

  • Boonie wants a beer. Boonie wants a beer. Boonie wants a beer. Boonie wants a beer
  • Anyone sen me clippers? The tash needs a trim up
  • Oooh Ahhh Glen McGrath
  • Stop winging ya whacker’s

Week 2 (Video)

  • Here come the Pome’s, break out the scrubbing brushes
  • Oh yes cop that!
  • If i could get off this and walk i’d walk to the pub
  • How ya goin nackers

Week 3 (video)

  • Boony Army, Boony Army, Boony Army
  • Can someone order a pizza, the lot plus pineapple thanks
  • The Poms are coming, I Can smell’em
  • Yep, I’ll drink to that!

Week 4 (video)

  • Hey, is it bin night tonight?
  • G’day, I’m the fourth umpire
  • Time for a spell, hand me a VB
  • Right, time to give the Poms a bath

Melbourne Cup Day (7-11-2006) (thanks to Steve for some of the sayings!)

  • Recon I could have Beeny a Jocky!
  • Boony wants a Beer, Boony wants a Beer, Boony wants a beer
  • Bring back Pharlap, Bring back Pharlap, Bring back Pharlap
  • Oooh Ahhh Glen McGrath
  • Stop winging ya whacker’s

More sayings on Random Days (thanks to Steve for some of the sayings!)

  • You know what they say about blokes with big moes?
  • heres to moevember
  • hey! is it bin night tonight?

First Test

  • God Save the Queen, because nothings guna save these English Cricketers
  • Hang on, I’ve got me box caught up in my undies
  • How about that VB original Ale, Smooth like me
  • You Know what they say about blokes with big mos?

50 responses

  1. heres the lastest saying after the race today

    boonys sayings

    i recon i could have been a jockey
    bring back parlap, bring back parlap, bring back parlap
    Oooh Ahhh Glen McGrath
    Stop winging ya whacker’s

  2. Melbourne Cup Day 7/11/2006

    2.57pm (three minutes before the race)

    Boony: “Hey, got a tip for the Cup?”


    Boony: “Your Round, Beefy”
    Beefy: “Your Rounder Boony”


    Boony: “We backed Phar Lap” (Said 3 times)

  3. hey all

    at 6:50pm thursday 9th (bris time)

    boony said: “you know what they say about blokes with big moes?”

  4. update again

    boony said at 6:55pm
    “heres to moevember” or something like that!

  5. Thanks again Steve! Keep them coming!

  6. 15th nov

    6:15pm bris time boony says: “hey! is it bin night tonight?”

  7. Yeah, spot on Steve, 7:15PM Melbourne time tonight.

  8. Boony
    “Hey, is it bin night tonight?”
    “G’day, I’m the fourth umpire”
    “Time for a spell, hand me a VB”
    “Right, time to give the Poms a bath”

    “I love warm beer, and lashings of it”
    “Barmy Army! Barmy Army! Barmy Army!”
    “Hey, got any crisps there?”
    “Yes, cracking shot that!”

    (Also, on your homepage, it is Michael Clarke and Stuart Clark (no ‘e’).)


  9. Thanks Daniel. I have recordings of the new sayings (as well as the Video) but haven’t had time to post the audio. Also a little unsure what format to put it out.
    Keep up the good work, and Keep the comments coming!

  10. No random chatter from either yet, but the same as Daniel if I press the buttons.

  11. Boonie is alive. During the Pommy national anthem he asked me to put the VBs on ice as the cricket was on the telly.

  12. 11.03 wheres beefy?

  13. 11.10 Whats the Poms best stroke? Sunstroke.

  14. Boony just piped up: “we’ll have those ashes back thanks”

  15. My boony missed that one Elijah. I guess they are not all alike.

  16. 10.27 god save the queens, cause nothings going to save the ashes from these poms

  17. Steven, I just got a variation “God save the Queen, cause nothing’s going to save these English cricketers”

  18. 11.35, God save the Queen coz nothings gunna save these Englishmen.

  19. interesting is there different boony saying in different states??

  20. I noticed that too Steve. Wonder if its different Batches and them kicked off at different times. Then again some comments might be set and some might be random.

    Is anyone watching the cricket and seeing many VB/Boony ads?

    Also a HUGE THANKS to everyone contributing what there boony dolls are saying. I really love it and will try to compile the list.


  21. No VB ads on the TV yet. I wonder if they will ask for a beer when it goes 12 oclock here?

  22. First VB ad with Boony popping out of a cake. Win beefy and boony in your loungeroom competition promo. Didnt trigger anything.

  23. 1.15 Hang on, Ive got me box caught up in me undies!

  24. 1.45 amazing just after Bill Lawry said whatshisname is a magnificent curator, boony said “Yep Ill drink to that”. The timing was incredible.

  25. Molly has another blog page dedicated soley to day one of the test!
    check out the comments there.

  26. Hey Dave,
    Thanks for that comment. I was game to funnel people into any on area! To be honest I am so happy to get the feedback, it fantastic!
    PS. But it might make some sense if I try and do that for each day. I will be away from tomorrow arvo till Monday night, but I will create stubs for those days and you guys can go nuts (or not, its up to you). You can also subscribe to the feed of the comments by RSS here:

  27. 3.30 God save the Queen coz nothings gunna save these english cricketers.

  28. 1.20 Boony wants to give the poms a bath.

  29. 4.15 I barrack for two teams: the poms and anyone playen em

  30. hehehehehehe

  31. 5.35pm "My favourite music – reverse Swing"

  32. 12.05 @5/85 God save the queen etc

  33. 4.40 How about that original VB ale, its smooth like me.

  34. 5.20 Boony army, boony army, boony army.

  35. 10.50 Put the VBs on ice, the crickets on the telly.

  36. 11.05 Ooh Ahh Glen McGrath.

  37. Boony says heres to Movember. Boony says get me a beer, make it a VB.

  38. Hi guys,
    If you wouldn’t mind can you add the new sayings for the first day of the second test here: 2006/12/01/boofy-sayings-for-day-1-2nd-test/. If you want to leave it here, thats fine as well. I appreciate all comments.


  39. hey all just an update on last years boon
    yes he is alive again
    at about 7pm ast he said "get me a beer the crickets about to start"
    then at 8pm ast he said something else but i forgotten
    and if anyone esle has one from last year and it anit talking heres what to do.
    go out to the shops and buy 2 AA energizer high proformance battery the ones you use for digital camerasunscrew the bottom screws and then replace the olds for the new and he should talk again,
    and by the way if you want to know raffly how long 2005 boony talks between sleeps (hibanation) heres what i gotthere is a little cell microchip inside 05 boony that has a count down timer in it it was made EG 1st sept 04 and the first game that 05 boony talked was eg 1st dec giving all boonys to be publicly ready for the first day of the game 3months or 91 days then 2 months of talking then they made the 05 boonys a count out timer at the end which was meant for all boonys to shutdown after 2 months meaning when all added up before plus after the games finshed was 5months of total silence and this is where mine anyways has been doing since last years games
    every 5 months he comes back to life again
    1dec till late jan, thenjuly till mid august then now 30 dec till mid feb im guessing!
    so enjoy your old boony chating with new boony and beefy!

  40. About 9.30 NYE Boony does the countdown" 10,9,8,7, Crack of a can, I couldnt wait". what a crack up!

  41. Yes, these where great. Actually Beefy said something like"Give us a kiss" and I have both recorded and hope to have them up soon. I wondered if they were going to do something else but it doesn’t seem like they did.

    The guys at Accure out did themselves this year. Hope they do it again next year! Maybe a Murli Doll to join Boony.


  42. We have to remember the Ashes chatter is just a bonus, the dolls are really for the "VB" one day series. I reckon this is all a bonus. Well thats my belief anyway.

  43. And Molly, I hope you are planning a "comment of the tour award" or similar! Box in undies and the NYE countdown are my two favs to date. 

  44. Good idea Mickk. Might take suggestions and then have some polls on it. I have a lot of the sayings and sessions recorded and just have to do a fair amount of work to get them up on the site in some form!


  45. Boony piped up at about 1.00am the other night …”Is it bin night tonight?…” Classic comment I thought. and 2nd fav was ..” If I wasn’t on this thing I could walk and if I could walk I’d walk to the pub…”
    But they haven’t commented spontaneously for a day and a half . Are they hibernating ?? Also Beefy still was looking for Boony last week despite being in correct position!!

  46. Rise up Barmy army, rise up!

  47. Yep Beefy was looking for Boonie here too!  

  48. New one for this morning – Boony pipes up and says "I love my VB – Happy Valentine’s Day"

  49. Hey Adam,Thanks for this. I will listen out for that.Molly 

  50. Boony and Beefy still talking today and last week.Boony says: Someone hand ball me a VB. 

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